Beware of Fake Sites to Trap Users from Bitbaazi

Beware of Fake Sites to Trap Users from Bitbaazi


Website phishing is 2 decade old technique though there are people out still getting cheated by fraudulent activities. Here we try to let you know little on this. Phishing scams are little advanced in sophisticated and they use a feature of social engineering. These phishing people are most successful scammers as well. In this particular the fraudulent people purchases a domain url that as similar as of real one crypto exchange or wallet and duplicates that builds features of original website. With many of top level domain names to work along, scammers have a simple time in deceive online customers by utilizing this non-real websites. The duplicate website almost similar the real one that’s why if you are not keen enough, you are unlikely to tell them apart.

A duplicate website ask you to provide them a login credentials. Once you submit with your credentials the duplicate site will take you to real one website. During this process, the fraudulent people use those submitted credentials which you provided to enter in your real account and empty your values.

This phishing also can be in the form of email in which case user will get a mail that seems like it come from genuine service you know with same format, style and template. Except that it isn’t. In some case you might not even be have an account with that particular service but you won’t even remember since you perhaps think you subscribed to hundreds of internet services. You will unknowingly hit a link in the email and exploit yourself to a scam attacks or a phishing website ready to rob away your funds.

To prevent to be a victim to this, be sure about the domain name of our crypto currency exchange and wallet domains and make a point of typing it into browser to get access it. With that also need to check an address bar and confirm of URL of our exchange website. At last suggestion that can be of enabling our site 2FA on your wallet in our site and crypto exchange account.

Bitbaazi official website domain and its subdomains are given below that user need to double check before entering into browser URL




Other than above listed websites if any other URL resembling or similar name to our domain may not be our official site and we recommend you people not to open and use such websites and should not provide your login credentials in those websites.

We noticed few websites that are seems fraudulent and bitbaazi users must not confuse with our web services with these services.