How to gain profit in cryptocurrencies by playing games

How to gain profit in cryptocurrencies by playing games


Gaming has, for the most part of its history, not been taken seriously enough as a source to bring any sort of income to gamers. However, Japan based blockchain company BitBaazi is changing that perception with its gaming platform. The software development company is teaming up with video game creators to integrate gaming platforms with blockchain, enabling them to tokenize their business. The resulting cryptocurrency opens up opportunities for trade in utility tokens, which has become a popular and widely accepted way to earn revenue.

Ways to earn money from gaming and its drawbacks:

To understand the appeal of trading cryptocurrency native to video games, one must comprehend the practicality and limitations of the present methods used by gamers to earn money. The following list can be taken into consideration:

Pro-level gaming – This is the most obvious route to making big money in this field. Professional gamers generally play video games for prize money or salaries. Such individuals usually deeply study the game to master it and usually to play in competitions.

Live Streams – Streaming one’s gameplay has found a devoted group of online spectators, and if one’s channel accumulates enough followers earning through advertisements becomes a good option. Depending on the loyalty of the followers, a gamer may even earn through subscriptions and donations.

Guides – Guides to games are sought by new players, and are available in the form of articles in websites. It can be monetized by featuring ads, and sales of the third one can bring in revenue.

Benefits of trading cryptocurrency: Trading cryptocurrency has presented an all-new dimension to monetizing video games. It has high liquidity, can be traded at any time of the day, and the transactions are extremely secure and transparent. Unlike trading in fiat currency, the cost of crypto trading is very low.

Gaming Exchange by BitBaazi

Bitbaazi provides services to tokenize video games and also creates a white label cryptocurrency exchange for them that can be seamlessly integrated with the games platform. The value of the tokens is decided on the popularity, worth, and potential of the video game itself.

The exchange by the blockchain company contains features like Market, Limit, Stop Orders, and Margin for placing orders and increasing the volume of trade. It also sets up incentives and reward modules for gamers. The admin of the exchange can operate the platform with the admin console designed especially to manage gamers, developers and other stakeholders. The Admin Panel can be utilized for creating and managing trading pairs.

The best part about tokenizing video games is that a gamer can step out of the video game world with its native asset and trade it in any other cryptocurrency exchange, provided the exchange lists it. Investing in cryptocurrency is increasingly being resorted to make money fast that too at low risk. This phenomenon is bound to be around for a long time.

Bitbaazi started as a Blockchain exchange platform in Japan. Sooner, Bitbaazi products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using Bitbaazi Blockchain network, Corporate Payments, Trade Finance, and Payment Processing. Bitbaazi runs the cryptocurrency exchange, and Cryptocurrency payment processor. Bitbaazi offers cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor white label solutions, comprehensive ICO services and customized use case design and development.