Purchasers of JKC Tokens will be required to go through a registration process hosted by bitbaazi. Once purchasers complete this process and become registered, they will then be able to participate in the JKC Token Sale once it starts. JKC Tokens will only be sold to registered purchasers that intend to use them to curate the network map and contribute to the long-term development of the JKC protocol. The JKC Token Sale has been designed as part of the Junket Chain Project Framework and intends to implement certain relevant provisions from the exchange Standards for consumer tokens. The specific details of the JKC Token Sale are contained in the terms of sale available to registered purchasers prior to purchase.

Token information

Token Name Junket Chain
Symbol JKC
Total Supply 20Billion
Platform Ethereum
Token type ERC20 standard

The design of the JKC Token Sale process makes clear that the JKC Token is not intended to be an investment and that every participant in the JKC Token Sale is able to pay the same price. We are endeavouring to ensure that people who want to contribute to the development of the JKC network have the opportunity to do so. We are hopeful that the JKC Token Sale process allows the JKC protocol to launch with a set of dedicated stakeholders committed to building a consensus driven map of the world.

In JKC Token purchasers case, they will be expected to contribute to the functionality or signaling mechanisms to prove use. As part of our drive to ensure JKC Tokens are used as intended by purchasers, there will also be an Initial Use Period where JKC Tokens are usable, but not transferable outside of the Bitbaazi protocol. This Initial Use Period is to ensure users participate, gain a deeper familiarity with the JKC protocol by engaging with the interface and work flow, and use JKC Tokens as intended.

Key Points:

  • Mandatory Registration hosted by Bitbaazi: started Jan 30th
  • JKC Token Sale begins: Jan 31st
  • Purchasers will have access to their JKC Tokens shortly thereafter
  • To transfer their JKC Tokens, purchasers must satisfy the Initial Use Period and the Proof of Use requirement on the MainNet

30% of the JKC Token supply will be sold to purchasers during the JKC Token Sale.

To know more on JKC please visit https://wallet.jk-games.com/