Percival listing on BitBaazi

Percival listing on BitBaazi


Percival is building processors which is integrating advanced technologies to bring distinct features in mobile devices, provides to users for reasonable price by performing high efficient and make them earn crypto coins from it.

Present mining market require more hardware equipment and those consumes more energy and they costs too much to have with. The maintenance charges after installation also much higher.

To overcome such problems the Percival have invented mobile integrated advanced mining technology that comes with mobile phone. Just by using it automatically starts mining and earns coins for the user.

Percival have launched the Initial coin Offering (ICO) to raise capital. Investors being invited with informing following details about Percival. From the ICO Percival provides tokens to investors for the major crypto currencies like ETH, Bitcoin and other altcoins. Investors can use crypto wallet and store their crypto assets securely.

Percival has started to build processors that enables small devices to mine crypto currencies. This innovation is optimizes power consumption, less cost, high output. Without having any technical configurations to work simply purchasing integrated mobile is just enough to set it up.

The technology uses Qualcomm application processor, to more speed it uses snapdragon specification which it also helps in use of less power, more durability with best performing machine. This snapdragon is Percival mark-1, has very powerful hash rate which is necessary to mine faster, and comparatively its best performing processor than advanced devices which are in present market. This Percival mark-1 processor is also integrated Artificial Intelligence within it to help profit more coins automatically.

With daily changing technology user gets lots of options for the mining task but at end they fed up with any of the problem which product fails to fulfill 100% promised features. But Percival mark-1 processor is an emerging high efficient technology which it integrated within the phones by default which is very unique to the market.

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To make investment in Percival the BitBaazi offering user with less cost, easy steps to transact in the application. BitBaazi ensures the processing and trading fees are comparatively less and much reasonable, have more liquidity by interconnecting with other exchange dealers in the market to move user transaction faster.

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