PHZ Launch&Listing in BitBaazi

PHZ Launch&Listing in BitBaazi


The new unique token $PHZ, which will be the hub of PocketHash ecosystem, will be listed on the crypto asset exchange on 9/10 21:00 (UTC).

Bitbaazi will list the open trading of PHZ (PHZ) and PHZ / USDT trading pairs at 9:00 PM (UTC) on 09/10/2020. Newly listed tokens are often subject to high price fluctuations, so be sure to conduct a thorough risk assessment when trading.

Exchange: Bitbaazi

Listing schedule: 2020/09/10 9:00 PM (UTC)

Listing rate: 1USD

Currency pair: PHZ/USDT

Listing fee: 0 USD


About crypto asset exchange BitBaazi

To make an investment in PHZ, users can easily trade with the application that offers BitBaazi for less cost. BitBaazi guarantees that processing and transaction fees are relatively low, reasonable and more liquid by interconnecting with other exchange dealers in the market to expedite user transactions faster. I will.

◆ About PHZ

PHZ is an ERC-20 utility token used to transfer value in the PocketHash Ecosystem.

The first is used to transfer value to PHT within the Pocket Hash service and can be exchanged for PHT with 10% off than usual.

◆About PHT

With the new issuance of PHZ, PHT will implement new features such as staking, governance, payments and in-game currency to make the PocketHash Ecosystem more flexible.

◆PHT Change Rate

The PHT exchange rate, which had been adjusted according to the market situation, will be changed to 1PHT=1USDT on September 10, 2020.

Change schedule: 2020/09/10 12:00 PM (UTC)

Change rate: 1PHT=0.8USD → 1PHT=1USD

◆ Pocket Game Center Release

You can participate in the game using PHT, BTC, ETH deposited in the cash wallet. In addition, the game center will issue a new in-game currency called "PHB" that allows you to participate in a specific game, allowing you to exchange PHT and BTC in equal proportions.

"B" means Pocket Hash Token + Bitcoin.

Games that can be participated in PHB are designed so that you can get a larger return than usual, and you can withdraw PHT earned in the game to the cash wallet and BTC without any restrictions.

Pocket Game Center will release three games, "High&Low", "Baccarat" and "Horse Racing" as the first step. In addition, we will announce more than 30 games in the future! looking forward to!

◆ Gaming Wallet Release

We will release a dedicated wallet for Pocket Game Center.

As for the wallet, PHT, BTC, ETH can be deposited and PHZ can be purchased.

Gaming Wallet's PHT will be synced with Cash Wallet and PHZ will be synced with Pocket Hash Wallet.

The Token release schedule is as follows.

launch ~ 1week 7.5%

1week~2week 7.5%

2week~3week 7.5%

3week~4week 7.5%

1month ~ 1day 0.5%

* An email address is required to register for Gaming Wallet. For users who have registered with a phone number so far, please be sure to link your e-mail address from within the pocket hash.